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VB Controls Inc. is a woman owned small business incorporated in Viginia February 18, 2000.


History: During its first six years, VB Controls provided custom electronic designs, test equipment, agency approval handshake and manufacturing engineering to its clients. These product design services are still an important component of VB Controls business. Effective 2006, VB Controls began manufacturing its first product, the C2 series. In 2011, we purchased PCB assembly equipment made by TWS Automation which added in-house automated PCB assembly. Effective 2012, all VB Controls electronic products are made in the USA. We loved the TWS PCB assembly process and became a TWS Automation distributor in 2013, extending Design Services into Production Engineering Services. VB Controls can take any client from concept to full production. Primary applications are Industrial Automation, Alternate Energy, Transportation and Military. Today, VB Controls has three business focus areas – Products, Engineering Services and PCB Assembly equipment sales.


Our Design Service provides turn-key development of client defined and owned products. Product design is project based. The typical product design begins with encapsulating the client’s concept into a project with a design definition, deliverables, acceptance criteria and timeline. Designing to an approved definition, to agreed standards, for a known production capability, with known deliverables and acceptance criteria, vastly accelerates the project's gestation. High speed transition into manufacturing can be achieved using VB Controls', the client's or a contract manufacturer's facility. VB Controls provides all the basic files needed for manufacturing regardless of manufacturing choice. Visit our Services page for more information.


Custom products are exclusive to one client. The client’s name is confidential unless the client specifies otherwise. Custom products can be similar to the Design Service project, but with production profit used to reduce the up-front cost. This type of custom product is bi-directionally exclusive with an agreed upon volume and price. However, many custom products are private label versions of our standard products. Private label clients have anonymity and design flexibility. Each client defines their target market and application, which is used to customize the electronics. This allows Private Label Clients to claim products are built to their requirements and are unique. Thus, each client can differentiate their product and price structure.


Standard Products have grown to four major series: C2 series solid state contactor, PF series AC solid state relay, PR series low cost solid state relay, and PE series DC solid state relay. All VB Controls solid state relay products are Made in USA and RoHS compliant ( eco friendly ). For each of the solid state relay models, the datasheet recommends the correct heatsink for the load current. A heatsink can be purchased separately or as an assembly with the solid state relay mounted. The VB Controls product catalog has datasheets and application information, which can be downloaded from the Home page. Visit the Products page for each series' description and typical applications. Our solid state relay store opened in 2012 and offers standard products factory direct.